Early childhood is a perfect time for first contacts with foreign languages. This is the reason why we offer a bilingual education from the age of 2, with the assistance of French-speaking and English-speaking teachers.

Thanks to an active and fun method, based on a
slow immersion in it, the children acquire a new way of expressing themselves without any need for translation.

The children hear the two languages throughout the day.
The French-speaking and English-speaking teachers communicate exclusively in their mother tongue, which enables the children to dissociate the two languages. Indeed they work essentially in an individual manner with each child in order to allow him/her to acquire new linguistic notions. Such personal work is adapted to each child’s level and pace. The teachers pass on a simple and precise vocabulary in relation to the child’s discoveries.

Moreover, collective times are proposed to the children through
lectures d’histoires,
story telling, songs and nursery rhymes
, which enable them to develop their memory, enrich their vocabulary in English as well as in French. That language learning experience allows them to acquire a progressive sensitivity to the musicality of another language together with a cultural discovery (bank holidays, traditions, customs…).

In today’s world,
speaking two languages is a minimum requisite.
The detailed understanding of a second language and culture is a major asset for tomorrow’s children.

31 rue de Paris
78600 Maisons-Laffitte
Tél. : 06 08 23 53 97
Mail : montessori.lesrayonsdesoleil@gmail.com

The international Montessori school « Les rayons de soleil »
is a fully private educational institution working without any subsidies and registered with the ‘Académie de Versailles’.

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