A suitable environment
The environment is organised with care so that everything is adapted to a child’s size. This living space is tidy, comfortable and welcoming so that a child feels good !
It allows him/her to have within reach all the necessary elements for his/her physical, psychological and emotional development.

The class group
Our school welcomes children aged from 2 and a half to 6 years in a single class. The mixing of ages promotes mutual help and respect as well as exchanges between the children.
Each group of children is overseen by two teachers, an English-speaking teacher and a French-speaking one, who deal with each child individually.

A concrete material
The Montessori material was scientifically designed to allow
the child to manipulate new concepts while playing, an approach which results
in a deep understanding, in turn leading to more abstract notions.
That material enables the child experiment first hand an activity,
to develop his/her autonomy, concentration and reasoning.

An individualised teaching
Because not all children have the same needs at the same time,
the teachers work with each child individually . By following up each individual progress, they constantly bring the children to learn new things in a way which is fun and appealing. Each child’s individual progress is discussed during meetings with his/her parents throughout the year.

An all day-bilingualism
Our school provides bilingual tuition with a French-speaking teacher and an English-speaking one, present throughout the day. As well as learning a foreign language, we wish to enable the children to discover new cultures. Before the age of 6, children have an absorbent mind thus the acquisition of a second language the earliest age is ideal.

A teaching method
which takes into account each child’s potential
The Montessori pedagogy aims
to respect each child

on all level and to give him/her the necessary tools
for his/her development so that he/she can thrive
and develop his/her potential naturally.
By adapting to each child’s needs,
we wish to to do our

best to ensure his/her growing up with serenity,
joy and confidence
31 rue de Paris
78600 Maisons-Laffitte
Tél. : 06 08 23 53 97
Mail : montessori.lesrayonsdesoleil@gmail.com

The international Montessori school «  Les rayons de soleil »
is a fully private educational institution working without any subsidies and registered with the ‘Académie de Versailles’.

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