• Everyday life
    • Sensorial
    • Mathematics
    • Language
    • Geography
    • Sciences, botany, zoology
    • History
    • Music
    • Arts
    • Psychomotricity
    • Miscellaneous activities

The Montessori material is suited for each stage of a child’s development.
The interest it raises awakens primarily the pleasure to learn !

Each material has been designed so that the fundamental notions are progressively and durably set in place. That is the reason why: :

 • There is only one set of each material in the class,

 • It is freely available to the children in order to satisfy their interest
            and answer their deep internal motivation,

          • The children are able to use it for as long as they want so as
            to experiment by themselves..

Thanks to their individual attention and care for each child, the teachers meet his/her needs by presenting him/her with activities that are meaningful to him/her.

By allowing him/her to practice regularly, a child will develop little by little his/her skills, logic and concentration. Such concrete and autonomous experience will enable the child to organise his/her thoughts, to build his/her reasoning and reinforce his/her confidence and self-esteem.

31 rue de Paris
78600 Maisons-Laffitte
Tél : 06 08 23 53 97
Mail : montessori.lesrayonsdesoleil@gmail.com

The international Montessori school «  Les rayons de soleil »
is a fully private educational institution working without any subsidies and registered with the ‘Académie de Versailles’.

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