According to Maria Montessori, the most important period in life is between birth and the age of six years. Its is precisely during that period that not only the intelligence but also the
personality of a child, are formed.

She considered that each child was unique and had his/her own personality,
pace, qualities and potential difficulties.

The method created by Maria Montessori is based on a profound
respect of the fundamental needs and potential of each child. It focuses on the development of the child’s initiative by enabling him/her to discover by him/herself what his/her interests are.

For Maria Montessori, the aim of an education is to combine the most favourable conditions to enable a harmonious development during life’s first six years. Education is thus perceived as
a help to live .

According to Maria Montessori, the purpose of education is to cultivate the child’s
desire to learn
The child’s “work” is to build the person he/she will become hence the necessity to help him/her develop his/her autonomy.


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The international Montessori school « Les rayons de soleil »
is a fully private educational institution working without any subsidies and registered with the ‘Académie de Versailles’.

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